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Clinical Supervision

Supervision provides a vital function for clinical practice and forms part of therapists’ continuing professional development. This process allows practitioners to discuss issues concerning their work both for the purposes of reflection and to have their work considered by another professional.

Supervision has two main functions, that is to maintain the quality of a psychologist’s practice and to extend the practitioners range of skills, mostly by means of reflection.

As a clinical supervisor, I am able to offer a space to discuss and explore client cases, reflect upon the impact of your work and use this to inform your understanding of the client’s difficulties. Having worked with a range of health care professionals (including psychotherapists, counsellors, clinical and counselling psychologists) within the role of supervisor, I recognise the importance of this activity for all practitioners working with client’s experiencing mental health difficulties. My work is informed by the psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural framework. I have been trained in the application of a number of supervision models that provides a framework for reflective practice. 

I am on the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS) Fee’s for supervision start from £60.00 for 50 minutes.  During our initial meeting, we will have the opportunity to discuss your work, the supervision contract and agree the frequency of sessions.