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Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression or other emotional difficulties and life challenges, we offer a range of psychological therapies to help you to gain greater understanding and confidence in making changes.


Extensive experience of practicing Counselling Psyhology in the NHS and private practice for people with a range of mental health issues.


Trained in a number of approaches which enables me to draw upon the most up to date evidence (NICE guidelines) for a range of psychological difficulties.


Comfortable and confidential space in Walmer near Deal. I also provide Skype sessions for clients who are not able to attend the centre.

Kingsdown Psychological Therapy Service:

Dr Abbie Kirkham (Chartered Counselling Psychologist)


I am an highly experienced therapist and offer short and long term psychological therapies to individuals with a range of emotional and psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addictions and more complex mental health difficulties.


The relationship between the client and therapist is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the therapy that lead to people making changes in their lives. Developing trust and feeling able to speak openly about difficult issues rests upon the development of a safe and containing space.


As a Counselling Psychologist, I am able to provide a number of approaches including Psychodyamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Densentisiation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT) and Intergretive Psychological Therapy. This enables me to approach your difficulties in a creative and flexable way whilst being informed by the most up to date evidence in effective approaches to working with specific issues.


As a Clinical supervisor, I am able to provide a space for psychological therapists, those in training and other healthcare professionals to discuss their work and reflect upon their practice. I am on the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors and have over 10 years experience of supervising a range of health care professionals within the NHS and private practice.

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